Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cupcake Crafts

Each year the Girl Scout council I work for hosts an large fundraiser, called Urban Campout. One part of the event is a silent auction that is held, and the team I work on donates a basket to the silent auction. Last year we did a cupcake theme for the basket, and it was a blast to put together. This year, since I was getting married the next day, I opted out of coordinating the basket for our team. :) Here is the cupcake creation we made last year, and a bit about the crafts that I put together for it.

The first thing I put together were these cupcake stands. I'm a believer in presentation of food. When you get that first impression that is looks great, you do into it expecting the best. I am a fan of cake stands (and just got this one that I love, but haven't been able to get it since I still have wedding explosion all over our 400 sq feet of apartment.) When I saw these adorable DIY cupcake stands in Crafts & Things magazine, I knew I had to make them. They are fairly simple and can be decorated up more or coordinated to match a party theme. 

You need:
2 inch pots
3 inch saucers
acrylic paint
one button for each holder
super glue

Start by painting the pots and saucers. Do a double coat to be sure to get it all covered and looking nice.
You are then going to cut a piece of string long enough to attach the button around the pot. I also put a dab of glue behind the button so it was sure to stay in place.
Then glue the saucer to the pot
and you are done! Just place a cupcake in the top for ultra cute presentation!  Be creative with the color combos and buttons. You could also add some rick or ribbon around the saucer.

We were also including sprinkles and cake mixes in the basket, and I wanted to display them in something other than the box or container they cam in, so I did some decorating of jars for them. 
I drew some basic cupcake shapes on white paper for a pattern, and then cut them out of some cute dotted paper.
I then just took some glue and put them on the jars and they were good to go! (and even cuter once they were all full.
And here is our finished product with all kinds of cupcake fun!

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  1. This is fabulous!! I would have loved to bid on that! I am so planning on making some of those easy cupcake stands. Thanks for the how to! Congrats on getting married! (Found you via Chef in Training)