Saturday, June 25, 2011

Funfetti Bake Off

Everyone loves Funfetti cake. It's a fact of life. Every time funfetti is mentioned at work, several of the girls always say how funfetti is their favorite kind of cake. Now, I also like funfetti, I mean, you can't go wrong with little bits of sprinkle color in your cake! In my opinion though, funfetti cake is just a yellow cake with sprinkles in it. And, I have always said this when people tell me how good funfetti is. Well, the girls at work kept saying that it isn't the same. So, we did a bake off to test it out. 

My little sis was down visiting at the time, so we went out and bought a funfetti cake, and the same brand vanilla cake and some sprinkles and made this happen.

We discovered that our sprinkles were bigger then the ones that came in the box, so went ahead and broke them up some so it wouldn't be as noticeable. We then made the cake according to their directions. Now, we did have a problem with the one cake coming out of the pan. I'm going to blame the sister for that one. :) But, I will note that this is the funfetti one...
But, we pushed through and got them frosted and decorated and had the taste testing with everyone at work. 
As a side bar, I'm sure you're wondering what those awesome smurf wanna-be things are on top of the cake. While the cakes were baking and cooling we took out the modeling chocolate I had in the fridge and made some awesome cake toppers!
 Back to the contest...
It was not a unanimous vote, but there was a clear winner

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