Friday, December 16, 2011

Carnival Wedding

As we started wedding planning we were coming up with different ideas on how we could have an affordable, fun, self planned wedding. I knew one thing. We were going to have a candy buffet. I scoured the internet, and eventually came up with the idea to do a carnival wedding. I convinced the hubs of this, and then we started telling our family and friends our plan. Some jumped right on board, others were a little more skeptical. I would explain that it would involve carnival games and food, such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn. Eventually they would understand, or they would at least leave it be. :) So, what does a vintage carnival themed wedding look like? Here you go!

My wonderful mother-in-law made these awesome signs to go around the site announcing where we were.
We were outside, with minimal decor. We did basic white chairs and attached pinwheels around on some of them.

And down to the reception...
Long, family style table and seating with red paper table covers, burlap runners, and pinwheels.
The candy buffet, full of vintage style candy and simple paper bags to fill with the goodies.
And of course carnival games. First off, a game of strength, tug-of-war. The bridemaids and groomsmen had a little competition, and my girls won it! (We won't mention that they just let go, and made the boys fall down) :)
Balloon dart toss. There was also toss the ping pong ball in the fish bowl, and sack races
Cupcakes with swirl frosting, and a cake reminiscent of a big top or popcorn tub. 
What is a party without some food? My photographer said he thought it was awesome that there is a picture of hot dogs in our wedding pics. I'd have to agree.
That adorable little candy machine being used as a fork holder is a pinterest project I did a while back.
Don't forget the cotton candy! There was also popcorn, whole pickles, and peanuts to complete the carnival  array.

And last but not least is my in my boots! 

Hope you enjoyed my little foray into a vintage carnival wedding. This would make a great party theme for anytime!

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