Monday, August 1, 2011

The Con is On

So, it's time for a little Comic Con fun. If you don't know what Comic Con is...well you've been missing out. It is the comic and pop culture to beat all comic and pop culture conventions. This is the fourth year my little bro and I have gone, and the second year the lil sis has tagged along with us. This year, she also brought her good friend Becca. Needless to say, my little 405 sq ft apartment was very full for those 5 days, but we made it through. Here are some highlights.
Sharks. I can't tell you how much shark paraphernalia we saw around comic con this year. They were doing promotion for Shark Night 3D and had a mechanical shark that we rode. One day you may get lucky enough to see that video.
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn panel. Didn't see any clips of the movie (missed the start of the panel) but the cast chat was great!
Justin Timberlake (and Amanda Seyfried) promoting In Time. I think the movie looks great, Thomas does not, but I'm pretty sure I can get him there

The Hunger Games. Have you read this series yet? If not, drop whatever you have planned for the next day, get the book and you won't want to put it down. We were hoping for a panel, but had to settle for goodies. So, we scored some movie posters, but best of all we got mocking jay pins. I know you're jealous, huh? You should be. I think I might start wearing mine everyday.
Headbands. Here we are wearing the comic inspired headbands that we made.

True Blood - ok I guess I like vampires a lot. :) I was volunteering just before the True Blood panel, and they sent me to get a name plaque. When I got it and saw that it was Alexander Skarsgard I had to take a picture with it.
Hodads These burgers are awesome!
 Mythbusters - always a good laugh
Glee! The girls got up at 6 and went to stand in line for this one, I slept in and joined them a couple hours later

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