Sunday, September 4, 2011

I say potato

One of the soon to be hubby's favorite things to eat is rice. He wants to eat it just about every night with dinner, no matter what we are having. Chicken? Rice as a side. Fish? Rice as a side. Steak? Let's have rice with it. To save on trips to the grocery store I buy rice in 25 lb bags at Costco, the small grocery store bags just don't last long enough.

A couple weeks ago I had a bag of white potatoes, and suggested we have those with our pork & veggies for dinner instead of rice. His initial response was no, but I told him I was going to prep them differently and he said he'd try it. This is what I did.
I just sliced the potatoes and wrapped them in aluminum foil with some onions and salt and baked them with the pork in the oven. They came out wonderful. We put a little spray butter on them (If you don't have spray butter, go out and get some, it is awesome) and enjoyed. He has since requested them a couple times, and has even made them himself. They do take a while to bake through, so if whatever you have going in the oven takes less than 40 minutes, just throw these in a little before you do the others.

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