Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fun

I'm still in the wedding explosion faze in my apartment, and I don't think I'll get to be able to do fall crafts. I'll be sure to fit in what baking I can (bring on the pumpkin), but it may be limited. And, I hear there may be a pumpkin shortage this year in the northeast. Another good reason to live in So Cal! If I had all of the time and space in the world, here are some fall things that I'd love to do. Thank you Pinterest for so many of these ideas.

Baked Pumpkin Donut Holes from The Craving Chronicles

Pumpkin cupcakes from Duncan Hines

One thing that we will be doing is pumpkin carving. The hubs carved his first pumpkin  EVER with me a couple years ago. Somehow he went 26 without ever carving his own pumpkin, so now it is a must do for us each year. I'm excited to do something a little fun a different this year.
Fanged Pumpkins from Martha Stewart

Shish-ka-boo Jack o lantern from Disney Family Fun

I have lots of burlap from the wedding, and was looking for some good things to do with it, and I think a burlap wreath, or two, may be the winner. 

Burlap Wreath from Etsy

Crochet Beret with Bow from Creative Yarn

Trick or Treat boxes from Brown Paper Packages via eighteen25

BOO! jars from Uncommon

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  1. Love all the stuff you shared. I definitely have to make some of those fanged pumpkins. So funny.