Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange Creamsicle Cake

This is something that I made a while back, but was just thinking about it and wanted to share. It is simple, fun, and delicious!

Here is what you need:
1 white or yellow cake mix (plus ingredients to make, minus the water)
Orange juice (to replace water in the cake mix)
1 pkg orange Jello (plus water to make)
1 pkg instant vanilla pudding
1 c milk (to make pudding)
1 small container of whip cream (or make your own whip cream)

Prepare cake mix according to directions, replacing orange juice for water. Bake according to directions.


Let cake cool. Once it has cooled, poke holes all over it. I used chopsticks, but anything about that size would work.
Mix jello with hot water until dissolved. Then add cold water.

Pour jello over the cake. Refrigerate to let jello set.

To make the topping, prepare pudding according to directions.Mix with whip cream

Pull the cake out of the fridge, and put the topping on! (It may look a bit like mashed potatoes, don't worry, its oh so good!)

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  1. That sounds so yummy!!! I am definitely going to make this! I found you at Tuesday Talent Show.

  2. Sounds and looks DE-LISH! Would you mind if I remade and featured it in my Cake Mix Series? I, of course, would give you mad props!!!

    Thanks for linking it to Totally Tutorial Tuesdays :)


  3. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. There was a bakery where I used to live that made an orange cake and I miss it SO much, might have to make this!