Friday, October 7, 2011


I just finished our next book club book and it was fantastic! 
Unbroken is the story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who enlisted in World War II. A plane he was on over the Pacific went down and him and the two other men who survived were lost at sea. They floated on the shark infested open ocean for a total of 47 days, and then captured by the Japanese Navy and taken as prisoners of war. The story goes through Louie's journey as a POW, and after the war. 

This isn't the happiest of stories, it is about the struggles of wartime and the men who are at the heart of the war, sometimes the worst parts of it. But, it is also the story of the triumph of the human spirit and how the will to overcome and live can get you through the toughest experiences.

It is very well written, and you get much more than just Louies story. You follow some others that he is close to, and get a good amount of history about the war. There are some great pictures to look at as you go along as well. I would highly recommend this book - a great read!

Here are some pictures from the Unbroken website:

A young Louie at his home in Torrence, Ca

Louie in the 1936 Olympic trials

Examining the plane after coming in from a fight

Louie skateboarding recently, a sport her took up in his 80s

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